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January 2007


Press Release

Post Musical Instruments and SampleTekk announce friendly take-over.

SampleTekk, a well known Swedish producer of sample libraries, has acquired the exclusive rights over all sample libraries of its successful Amsterdam based competitor Post Musical Instruments. Post Musical Instruments is the producer of several award winning piano, church organ and historical sample libraries. SampleTekk produced several amazing sample libraries like the TBO, 7CG, Black Grand and White Grand. This step makes SampleTekk the largest piano sample company in the world with a collection of more than 30 high quality products.

The owner of SampleTekk, Per Larsson, said: "We are incredibly lucky that we got this chance to sell PMI�s pianos. We have always looked at PMI�s pianos as the �opposite side of the coin� compared to our own products, and SampleTekk and PMI products complement each other in a great way. We the combined strength of these sampled pianos, we feel that we cover all ground when it comes to piano sound. From classical to contemporary.�

Michiel Post, owner of Post Musical Instruments, adds: "SampleTekk is a natural choice for our sounds. SampleTekk is highly respected, has a very high quality and have the perfect position bring the next level of success. The market for sample libraries is a highly competitive one and only the larger companies survive. With this takeover SampleTekk becomes the biggest supplier of high quality piano samples, which is better for everybody."

Direct On-Line Delivery System is now functional!
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Latest Releases
Read all about our latest revolutionary pianos. Created with the latest technology we present a new collection of 4  stunning sampled pianos.

Two new hyper-realistic libraries: two CLAVICHORDS and the first complete CARILLON on multi-format disks (Giga, Kontakt, EXS24 and Hal3).

Discover how realistic samples can be...

The Emperor & The Old Lady are the most realistic pianos ever! Our latest two superb grand pianos  are available in all sampler formats. Read the 5 stars review in SoundOnSound

PMI B�sendorfer290: "This is the acoustic piano sample library to beat." John Krogh and Ernie Rideout, KEYBOARD USA.
Over 5.000 units sold!!!! You can't go wrong with this piano! Features 2 microphone positions, more than enough velocity layers for an amazing dynamic range and "shines" in every musical style.

Go to our shop at to buy  CD/DVD versions or download the library.

The Holy Grail of Piano Sampling
All nuances of the piano sound are now available to the pianist with the PMI pianos in Kontakt 2 format.
- Sympathetic Resonance scripts for the non-struck resonating strings;
- Sostenuto and softpedal scripts;
- IR-based ambiance and stereo imaging;
- IR-based body resonance;
- Total freedom of tuning;
- Surround Sound Mixing;
- Seemingly unlimited dynamic range and responsiveness;
- 24bit samples for pristine audio quality;

Visit: the new Kontakt 2 info-page!!!.

* Try before you buy: Download free playable instrument files and tons of high-quality MP3 demos!

* PMI Pianos Comparison Page: Compare our 8 superb pianos and find your favorite!


We just opened a new on-line delivery system for our libraries. Currently we have 40 titles on-line and all libraries will be added in the next weeks.

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