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Amsterdam based company Post Musical Instruments specializes in high quality sampling libraries for Gigasampler, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and Akai/Kurzweil samplers.

The company was founded by sampling specialist Michiel post and started in the 90's producing the amazing collection of church organ samples called Post Organ Toolkit. Other titles include Post Harpsichords, Post Piano Suite, Post Theatre Organs, Post Positive Organ, Post Harpsichords, Post Estonia Concert Grand, Post Virginal and Post Pianoforte, Post Historic Keyboards, PMI Baroque Organ.

Recent releases include The EMPEROR and The OLD LADY, Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 and Grandioso Steinway D which offer several gigabytes of the purest recordings for a stunning reproduction of both the Bosendorfer 290 and Steinway D grand pianos.
Amongst our customers we have many well known artists, composers and musicians as well as music teachers and amateurs.

Post Musical Instruments also designed and developed Post Piano. This digital piano is the first musical instrument on the market to use disk streaming technology for the playback of samples. It plays full length, full-decay digital recordings, direct from hard disk.


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